Trump: Leader of the Forgotten?

**To start… Let’s be clear, if I was American I’d be voting for Hillary, but only because she’s a demon whilst Trump is Satan himself. **

Everyone is waiting in anticipation (or dread) for the results of the U.S. Presidential Election. There has been unprecedented media coverage worldwide on this vote, and arguably the sensationalised personalities of Trump and Clinton have overshadowed coverage on the very people supporting them.

So today, let’s focus on the Trump voters and why you’re an idiot yourself if you dismiss them purely as idiots. If nothing else, they are idiots that can vote, and that is a very dangerous thing.

Anyway, dear reader, whilst I love indulging in memes criticising Trump and Trump voters as much as the next left-leaning person, the majority of the man with tiny hands’ supporters are in fact normal.

You see this election can perhaps be compared to the referendum to leave the EU. Whilst some called over 50% of the British population idiots, I think we were forced to admit that some, statistically (please don’t ask me to back that up), must be intelligent.

Satire aside, America, like the UK is experiencing rapid change in almost every part of its society: no more safe jobs, the flow of people is increasing and their movement is changing, equality is the (rightful) buzzword of the moment. People are questioning their very places within society, and whether their identity is compatible with new Western values.

The bottom line is, human beings are afraid of the unknown, afraid of change. And in an America that is constantly developing, Donald Trump is a beacon of light for those voters scared of an America that progresses past needing them. To these white, working-class communities that have seen their livelihoods turned upside down with deindustrialisation, America has become a land of opportunity, but not for them.

This is where the parallels with Brexit continue. In my opinion, disaffected voters feel that Donald Trump and the 2016 election, has finally given them a voice and forced politicians to listen. In the UK, it was areas that had been largely ignored by the government that came out in force to vote pro-Brexit. Surely if nothing else, this was a cry for help, just as many Trump voters wish to feel represented in an elitist Washington a million miles from their lives and values. It’s just a shame that it has to be Trump, an extreme sexist, racist, egotistical and repulsive figure that has to be their representative. He is arguably ruining their very cause with his disgusting personality.

But for many, Trump appears the perfect candidate: a patriarchal, seemingly protective figure, promising to fight the system. The Republican nominee’s status as a rich businessman, not associated with the bureaucracy of Washington is perfect for the anti-establishment voters he has attracted (perhaps these voters’ fixation on the Second Amendment is slightly ironic therefore, being incredibly pro-establishment).

Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that this election will change the political landscape of America; as we have learnt in Britain, although the vote may come and go, we are all left tending to our wounds in what will continue to be an incredibly divisive topic. In the U.S. these divisions are based on religious and racial issues, in the UK it was economic wealth and opportunity. Either way, it is clear that not all these voters can be written off as ignorant and dumb, which is most definitely the easier thing to do than admit that the pussy-grabbing potato may have resonated with real, complex, human beings.

What are your thoughts on Trump and his voters? Is he taking advantage of their desperation to be heard? Is his catch phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ unifying or exclusive to the white working class?


4 thoughts on “Trump: Leader of the Forgotten?”

    1. Yeah I’ve got friends in Canada that are just as shocked as you! I think the problem was that Hillary was seen as the poster girl of a broken system so a lot of people wanted a significant change. It’s just a shame that the only option was Trump

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